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"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs


The work of organizing the events is done by a whole team of young people who are driven by the goal to work together and learn more about the themes Belgian Youth DIplomacy is working on. 


President of Belgian Youth Diplomacy

Fatmata Jalloh

Fatmata is a social work student. As a former Plan international Belgium youth ambassador her focus has always been about empowering the youth. Inspired by the world around her and her background she strives to gain and help spread knowledge.

As someone who is very passionate she uses that same passion in everything she does. She believes wholeheartedly that the youth are the future and wants to play her part in paving a way for them and leaving behind a healthy world so that future generations can have a shot at building and expanding the human potential in all its facets.

That is why she decided she wanted to be a part of the BYD board. After being a member she wanted to have a bigger role in the movement that empowers young people.

Becoming part of the BYD board that has that as a mission was an easy step to take for her. She believes that her qualities as being a young, curious, open and reflective person will be a great asset in the BYD team. She is looking forward to create defining moments that will grab young people’s attention and spark them to reflect and maybe even act.


This year she will be taking the lead as President of the Board.


Vice-President of Belgian Youth Diplomacy

Julie Lefevre

This is the quote which describes perfectly Julie, 22 years old, graduated in a Bachelor of Political Science and currently in her second and last year of Master in International Relations.

Having always been passionated about actuality and current issues, she decided to get involved in order to contribute – at her level – to a better world.

Having participated in international simulations yet, she believes that communication, open mindness and diplomacy are the better way to debate a topic. Her double origins allow her to have a different look about the world, a strong interest in multiculturality and opinion-sharing.

That's the reason why she namely decided to involve as head of the UCLouvain delegation for the biggest French-speaking Simulation of the European Parliament, and did an internship at the FPS Foreign Affairs, bilateral affairs ; and, in the end, as Event Officer for Belgian Youth Diplomacy. 

In her free time, Julie loves to read, run or exploring new beautiful places that are sometimes just in front of our eyes.

Last year as an event officer and now as Vice-President she wants to make BYD even grow further.

Event Officer

Laurent Renson

I’m Laurent, a 26 year old professional, working in a government agency involved in international trade and investments as Market Expert.

During my studies in political science at the UCL in Louvain-la-Neuve, I strengthened my interest in international relations and diplomacy.

My main areas of focus were the Arab word, small-medium powers and foreing policy analysis. Having lived abroad for years, I’ve always had a great interest in relations between people, cultures and states. 

Today, I’d like the opportunity to contribute to BYD and its actions through the position of “Event Officer”.

I’m convinced my experience in organizing and participating in events (work, MUN) will help me in this function."

Often involved in projects that represent an accelerate process of professional growth and always motivated to make a change in the world,

I consider myself a passionate-driven who aims to raise public awareness about the European Union's efficiency and scope, so as to tackle Euroscepticism, hate speech or disinformation.

As I have a keen interest in green diplomacy, security and foreign affairs, I decided to join Belgian Youth Diplomacy in order to fulfil its main goal and to empower young people

Event Officer

Ana Rusu

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Fundraising Officer

Batuhan Özçelik

Fundraising Officer

Jing Huang


Communication Officer

Flore Verkest


Communication Officer

Aleksandra Toska