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"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs


The work of organizing the events is done by a whole team of young people who are driven by the goal to work together and learn more about the themes Belgian Youth DIplomacy is working on. 


President of Belgian Youth Diplomacy

Fatmata Jalloh

Fatmata is a social work student. As a former Plan international Belgium youth ambassador her focus has always been about empowering the youth. Inspired by the world around her and her background she strives to gain and help spread knowledge.

As someone who is very passionate she uses that same passion in everything she does. She believes wholeheartedly that the youth are the future and wants to play her part in paving a way for them and leaving behind a healthy world so that future generations can have a shot at building and expanding the human potential in all its facets.

That is why she decided she wanted to be a part of the BYD board. After being a member she wanted to have a bigger role in the movement that empowers young people.

Becoming part of the BYD board that has that as a mission was an easy step to take for her. She believes that her qualities as being a young, curious, open and reflective person will be a great asset in the BYD team. She is looking forward to create defining moments that will grab young people’s attention and spark them to reflect and maybe even act.


This year she will be taking the lead as President of the Board.


Vice-President of Belgian Youth Diplomacy

Julie Lefevre

Julie, 22 yearls old, graduated in Political Science, International Relations and in International Human Rights Law, is currently working at the Ministry of Finance for the Compliance Service. Having always been passionated about actuality and current issues, she decided to get involved in order to contribute - at her small level - to a better knowledge of the world that surrounds us. While having participated in various simulations abroad, she really believes that communication, open mindness and diplomacy are the best way to discuss a topic and to understand eacht other. Her double origins enable her to have a different look over the world, a strong interest in multiculturality and opinion-sharing. In her free time, Julie loves to read, run or explore new beautiful places that are sometimes in front of our eyes. Previsously event officer and Vice-President last year, Julie has decided to continue to commit to BYD because she wants to make this organization even grow further.

Event Officer

Felix Dejaiffe

Felix graduated in Political Sciences from UCLouvain and is currently finishing a master in International Relations. As a passionate of diplomacy and foreign affairs, he has served numerous times as a delegate and chair in MUN conferences across Europe while providing trainings at LouvainMUN. His main areas of focus are US, Belgian and EU foreign policy, centred on middle power diplomacy, geopolitics and geo-economics. In his free time, he enjoys reading French literature, going to the cinema and enjoying Italian cuisine. Having lived abroad for many years, he is a multilingual individual who wishes to better understand the world and discover new people and cultures.

“Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate” JOHN F. KENNEDY (1961)


Event Officer

Leila Bouita

Leila has just graduated in anthropology from UCLouvain and is planning to complete her education with an additional master in public relations with a focus on european communication and affairs. During her studies she has been particularly driven by environmental and development issues which led her to a four-month fieldwork experience in Costa Rica within an indigenous community. Extremely passionate and future-oriented, she made acting on issues that matters to her, her leitmotiv and life's purpose. She feels the urge to understand the society in which she lives for knowledge is power and allows enlightened action. She also likes to add creativity and intensity in everything she does, thinking out of the box and finding new or improved solutions are part of her many interests. She seeks to thrive within a group of people sharing the same vision and taste for excellence, people that share the same desire to surpass themselves and with whom she can evolve. Leila is also committed to an association that discusses and acts about specific situations met by arabic women here in Belgium as around the world. Her big topics of interests are (among many others): youth and education, woman empowerment, art and culture, environment conservation and european matters. During her free time, she likes to paint with music in her ears, she also likes to discover forgotten or hidden places in Brussels, her beloved home-town and last but not least, she adores discussing astronomy with her sister for hours late at night. She wishes to put her very dynamic and creative personality as well as her social and analytical skills at the service of the BYD team as a fundraiser officer and looks forward to the projects they will create together.


As a public administration and management student, Batuhan's (22) interests in both national as international institutions have, throughout his academic formation, grown into a passion that led to his participation in BYD so that he can create a value in this field not only for himself, but also for his peers. Batuhan believes that Belgian Youth Diplomacy can contribute to raising awareness of global issues among the Belgian youth, thus, sensitizing them to actively take part in the solution-seeking process. As the fundraising officer, Batuhan is determined to create a vast network of active partners who are willing to empower the Belgian youth to step inside the world of diplomacy.

Fundraising Officer

Batuhan Özçelik

Communication Officer

Laetitia Tursugian

Laetitia, 26 years old, graduated with a master degree in international relations with finality in diplomacy and conflicts resolution, a second master in political sciences and a bachelor in political sciences. She is currently working for the Belgian Federal public service at the justice department. Passionate by diplomacy and international relations, she always has wanted to represent the interests, the values and the culture of her country abroad. Having participated in Brussels simulation and having done her internship at the Embassy of Belgium in Washington D.C, she learned that communication and open mindness are the best way to settle negotiations. Having had the chance to grow up in a multicultural family from Romanian and Armenian descents, she today has this open mindness, a different look about the world and she speaks 6 languages. Her mother tongues are French, Armenian, and Turkish. She is fluent in English and has good notions of Dutch and Spanish. This multiculturality allows her to be the communicative person that she is today. In her free time, she plays basket-ball in a club, in a high level. It is her passion since she is 8 years old, this sport taught her the importance of communication and team spirit. She also likes travelling and discovering new things. This love for diplomacy, communication and team working motivates her to involve herself as Communication officer for Belgian Youth Diplomacy and put all of her competences and knowledges to ensure impeccable internal and external communication for the Belgian Youth Diplomacy because as Satow said: "Diplomacy is the application of intelligence and tact to the conduct of official relations"

Legal Officer

Kevin Ndikumana

Kevin is currently pursuing a Master of Laws at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and is one of our Legal Advice Officers. He is very committed to bringing our organization to the next level in terms of legal matters. He has a diverse background by being of Rwandan and Greek descent. He also lived in Burundi, Rwanda, South Africa, The Netherlands and now in Belgium. His interests in diplomacy started when he observed on how Rwanda got through the genocide which occurred in 1994. Rwanda survived and arose from its ashes by diplomacy, cooperation, partnership and negotiations. Consequently, this played a pivotal part for the interest of Kevin on how the countries in Africa engage in the world of politics with other countries/organizations, in particular with the EU and the US. He is very open minded and has a broad range of interests besides politics. Naturally by being a law student, he is passionate about the law and how the law organizes the society. He's interests in law lays in the areas of European, corporate and business law. In addition to that he also loves to read with one of his favourite books being the 'Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela'. He also is an avid sports fanatic with basketball as his favourite sport and Michael Jordan as his favourite sports figure.  

His favourite quote at the moment is simple but powerful:

"Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time." by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also known as RBG.