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"The age of digital diplomacy"


Belgian Youth Diplomacy (BYD) is pleased to invite you to their last event of the academic year 2020-2021: “ The age of digital diplomacy”

We are living in an era where digital is present in all domains, it becomes indispensable in different field but how has diplomacy adapted to this evolution?

During this event we will be discussing what digital diplomacy is, how it is used, the pro’s and con’s, the challenges it faces and it’s futur. We will be tackling matters such as how the Belgian foreign affairs ministry uses digital diplomacy (specially on social media), how the interaction with other states and the public goes. And how does digital diplomacy impact traditional diplomacy?

These (and more) are questions that will be answered during the webinar. We will be getting an expert insight from Mr Laurens Soenen. He is a communications officer at the Belgian department of Foreign Affairs with a background in journalism.


"Yemen : The worst humanitarian crisis - How can the EU make a difference ?" 

What are the origins of the Yemeni conflict? What are its regional dynamics and its current humanitarian challenges? What is the future of this country tortured by a crisis that goes beyond its borders? Does the European Union have a role to play in resolving this conflict? What is it doing in the meantime to bring solutions to the Yemeni humanitarian crisis? 

he conference will firstly highlight the origins of the conflict in Yemen and the rivalries that arise with the involvement of the government of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, but also of the international coalition. We will also come back on the decision of Biden to end U.S support to the Saudis. Secondly, we will present the current state of the humanitarian situation in Yemen, along with today the many challenges it faces such as the provision of humanitarian aid, the rise of terrorism, the need for a political reconciliation between concerned parties, and further the question of Yemen future governance. Thirdly, the conference will analyse the role and action of the EU regarding its external policy towards Yemen.


To give you an outlook of the subject we have the honour to present you Sophie Da Camara, Borja Miguelez and Jean-Nicolas Beuze as the speakers of this webinar, which will be held on Zoom on February 25th at 6PM.


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Transatlantic Relations in troubled waters, the aftermath of the US Elections

The US has historically been the EU’s closest ally, with common interests and values as well as a shared view of the world guiding bilateral relations and joint actions. Yet, following the election of President Donald Trump, divergences in several areas have led to doubts about the durability of transatlantic relations. The implementation of the American foreign policy has resulted in US criticism of, and withdrawal from, several multilateral initiatives, and is recalibrating the US’s relations with traditional allies, including the EU. Major areas of tension in bilateral relations have included the Iran nuclear deal, trade, burden-sharing within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and differing perceptions of the multilateral order. And, what will be the future for Transatlantic Relations under the Biden administration?


To give you an outlook of the subject we have the honour to present you Fraser Cameron (Director of the EU-Asia Centre, Senior Advisor at the European Policy Centre, and an adjunct professor at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin) and WEINIAN HU (a research fellow in the Regulatory Policy unit at CEPS) as the speakers of this webinar, which will be held on Zoom on November 25th at 6PM.


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First event Covid-19: the race for a vaccine

The BYD board has the pleasure to invite you to their first webinar of this academic year. In the wake of the Covid-19 vaccine race in the upcoming months, one should behold on way the European Union is planing to take part in that race. 

To give you an outlook of the subject we have the honour to present you Kim Van Sparrentak (Member of the European Parliament and of the Group of the Greens) and Sibilia Quilici (Health economist) as the speakers of this webinar, which will be held on Zoom on November 4th at 6PM.

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